Can’t Stay Long

Hey folks,

This one will have to be brief.

I’m in the Decatur Public Library. An open volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica is on my table to the right of my netbook, with my project journal sitting on top of it. To the left, we see the comics from today’s newspaper and an empty Starbucks coffee cup (from 10-2 the library has free coffee from the popular coffeehouse.)

I work at a department store, very similar to Kohl’s, though you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s called Bealls (pronounced ‘bells’). I live fifteen minutes away from The Idiot (a fellow blogger who lives in Bridgeport).

I’m staying in my best friend’s home with her new husband, both of these folks are more than friends to me, they’re family. We have fun, and we’ve settled into a comfortable routine.

I move out on December 1st, and I’ll probably end up staying at an apartment nearby. I was going to try to find a room in Fort Worth to rent, because small town living is certainly not for me.

Hopefully a new update will follow soon after this,



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