Just A Quick Note Before I Leave

Hello Readers/Friends,

I just wanted to post this to tell everyone:

1. The next PWRP post will be up on Saturday (the usual blogger excuses for not posting when I was supposed to apply: busy with school, Heather Madame, preparing for this and that…)

and 2. To you-know-who, I promise to reply to your e-mail ASAP! And I now owe you one favor for taking this long to reply! (I promise to try to reply tonight!…and I am serious about that favor!)

Now I am off to The Center!

Oh, and apologies for taking forever and a day to reply to comments, I have said it before and I say it again: I love all of the comments on my blog, just like I love e-mails and letters (and the people who post and send them!). But, I’m just terrible at coming up with proper replies.

Until I Write Again,


P.S. Soon I will start leaving hints about what college I chose, and the first reader to guess where it is will get a 1000 word post written about them!


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