Tell Me What To Do! (A Classic Emergency Post)

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Emergency blog post! (Well, an emergency to me, anyway!)

Josh just texted me!!

Oh, hold on a moment, will you? It isn’t as petty as it sounds, I promise!

Simply put, as soon as he texted me all of my hard work getting over him went *poof!* So now I want to work at Kohl’s in the Summer and win him over just in case there’s something there? After all why would I want to miss out on a good thing?

Dang it, folks! I was doing so well! What should I do? Should I wait and if he texts me again decide to work at Kohl’s? But then let’s remember if I get hung up on him again I might decide to stay in Texas, and I had a whole life planned out away from here.

Tell me what to do? I am seriously asking point-blank every reader of my blog to advise me here!

Awaiting Your Advice,



8 thoughts on “Tell Me What To Do! (A Classic Emergency Post)

  1. Hey there! I’m glad to hear from you again!

    I’d say wait for him to text you again. Sometimes the best thing to do is not appear as too eager.

  2. I’m with Rebecca. You know what you should do and that’s not to get derailed in your plans. STAY FOCUSED! You got over him and that’s a good thing. Like I mentioned before, keep him as a good friend!
    And take deep breaths…….but stay the course!

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