You Have Been Warned

As Alfred Hitchcock would say, good evening.

Odds are, this will be my dullest post yet, so if you find yourself seeking blog post gold here, I suggest instead seeking out the likes of the bloggers on my blogroll.

You have been fairly warned, this is going to be a dull post.


So, tonight I was torn between trying to read Ted Bundy’s face in an old interview, or doing homework.

Something you should know about me – I love trying to read and intuitively profile psychopaths. Something you should also know – I like turning in completed homework. I picked Bundy. So I had to hurry to complete my homework and it’s rather messy, but, it is complete.

I took notes on his facial expressions, and I may do another post similar to my Harold Camping post, which has become one of my most popular posts of all time. I’ve considered doing a body language analysis post every other week since I profile people in the public eye for fun anyway. Of course, like the Harold Camping post I couldn’t just do intuitive analysis (profiling someone just from a single play of the video and my ‘spidey sense’ about their personality,) like the Camping post I would do a step-by-step, frame-by-frame explanation of what I see and read.

Hm…perhaps this will have to become a regular bit? My blog is not organized in the least, perhaps it is time for some order.

Until I Write Again,



7 thoughts on “You Have Been Warned

  1. You are going to be SO awesome in your major! You have such an interest in it! And you enjoy it so! Not many people can get into what you’re doing. I don’t have the intrigue. Ted Bundy scared me. He obviously fascinates you. And that’s good.

  2. First of all, this wasn’t a dull post at all. Secondly, that is a most adorable kitten, and lastly, I find your hobby fascinating. Body language can give us signs that tell you a lot. The way someone stands, or holds their hands, or the way they stare. I wonder what you picked up from watching Bundy? Creepy, isn’t it, he was such an evil man….

    • I have to say it was disappointing :-/ psychopaths like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Tommy Lynn Sells… I saw what I expected to. A microexpression of a smile here and there when he talked about killing and how he felt after the murders. Psychopaths are incapable of any type of remorse or empathy, and they derive pleasure from taking and destroying things that mean the world to people they consider beneath them. And putting them in prison for a decade or two doesn’t change them a bit, psychopaths are incapable of learning from their ‘mistakes’, and so have a 100% probability of reoffending. (The Psychopath Test and Without Conscience are excellent books on the topic, the latter written by the man who created the Psychopath Check List, Robert Hare.) Bundy was indeed pure evil…

      • Fascinating and scary stuff my dear. I have read up on a few things online, but they affect me too much. I had enough troubling doing a Jack the Ripper tour here in London. He also sounded as if he was pure evil.

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