Expecting The Unexpected

Good Morning,

Heather Madame is coming over today for a sleepover. Which is really irresponsible of us, because neither of us can afford to lose the study time, and heaven knows important tests are coming up. But, unless that rain outside turns into a hurricane, we will be making quiche and watching the only movie on our 20 Before 20 list: The Godfather. We tried to arrange for a movie night last week, but it didn’t pan out.

Also part of the night will be going to church. So, I have prepared an ‘anti-panic attack kit’, which includes lavender perfume, anti-anxiety throat spray and homeopathic dissolving tablets. Besides that, I only have my will to not run like a madwoman out of the sanctuary or in any way embarrass Heather. Since Carlisle is away for basic training, Madame is taking the time to try out a new church. She was going to ask me to join her at the same moment that I was going to try to bribe her with fresh-brewed coffee to let me go along. I’m not worried about it, really, mostly because I know that having an attack is completely out of my control. I was entirely calm the last time I walked into a church, and I didn’t see the attack coming, pre-sermon apprehension and exactly where I am in the building has nothing to do with the attack. Just taking a step into the place is enough.

I’m afraid I can’t seem to come up with more than that.

Until I Write Again,



11 thoughts on “Expecting The Unexpected

    • I really wanted to enjoy the film! I thought after I made it through ‘Gone With The Wind’ that a three-hour long, notoriously intense movie would be marvelous, perhaps it’s a taste that I simply don’t have yet? 😉

      • Possibly. My husband can watch that movie over and over, I handled about 1 hour of it then got antsy. I can’t sit that long and watch people get shot.

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