The Defeat of Pencil Skirt Lady

I’m in Study Room A!!!

All of this past Summer, when me and Heather Madame would go to the library for our french study session after our early morning run through the park, we would try to get here just before the library opened its glorious automatic doors for the day, and run to Study Room A. But, tragedy repeatedly struck. Typically in the form of a (rather impressively quick-paced) fast walking business woman or pushy teenager. Only once did we triumph. And several minutes after settling in, my phone buzzed with a message from mom to come home. With lowered heads and quivering lips we admitted defeat, holding the door open on our way out for our arch nemesis. The diabolical Pencil Skirt Lady.

But, now, today, at this very moment I am sitting in Study Room A once again! Victory!!

The time on my netbook ends in ‘AM’, and I am surrounded by books in a peaceful,Β nearly sound-proof room in one of my favorite places in the world. Which I hope explains the unusual tone of this post…. there is a white board in here! A white board!Β It feels like I could have my own personal business meeting! And what could anyone do? The study rooms can’t be reserved, so everyone will simply have to wait until I stop making a fool of myself before they can claim the room as their own. I’m slightly extremely tempted to laugh maniacally, and they couldn’t even complain about the noise, because the room is nearly sound-proof!

The only thing that could make this a perfect morning would be Brian Greene and Tim Conway…oh, look!

Alright, I am going to focus on the reason I am here, and try not to smile victoriously at anyone who walks by the glass door.

Until I Write Again,


P.S. Mwahahaha!


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