Dear Friends,

I suppose I shouldn’t write anything tonight.

I’ve decided this wholeheartedly. After last night’s incredibly ridiculous post, I understand that I simply should not write after 8PM, and certainly not at two in the morning. No, no I won’t write tonight. I ramble too much, I rant too thoroughly, I assume and poke and prod at the dead animal of ideas that I write about, I then ramble about the poking and prodding once I realize what I am doing.

Chain my netbook to my desk, keep the darn thing shut with superglue and cement, and perhaps a layer of spirit gum for good measure. Build an alarm system so that I won’t wander near it. Hide my notebooks and pens (you don’t have to worry about the pencils, I dislike writing with pencils so I won’t touch them if you leave them out in the open.) Hide my eyeliner and lipstick, lest the notion strikes for me to scribble on a nearby mirror or wall or window or lampshade. I cannot write tonight, and if I consider it, then those of you who call me your friend must take certain measures, identical to the ones just described. If you fail, then you must attack my words postmortem via hacking methods.

In any case, I must be kept from publishing a single word, because I can assure you it will be of the most foolish and idiotic tones. The most ignorant monologues. The most childish phrasing.




8 thoughts on “Dear Friends,

  1. Oh just stop! If you want to write, WRITE!! Don’t squelch it! OMG, you’ll drive yourself nuts! No one here is judging you! If they want to read what you’ve written, then they will, if not, then they won’t. No big deal. You’re not here to entertain us. You write because you have a passion to! And you do it well I might add! You need to get it out! LET IT OUT!

    I don’t care if you write at 4am and have been up for 3 days.

    Like I don’t ramble on my blog? How many posts are just inane and senseless? Let me count the ways!

    I expect a post tomorrow morning.

    • Once again, a comment of yours making me laugh in the wee small hours šŸ™‚

      Sometimes my writing scares me – how unstable I seem sometimes. I suppose I feel that it’s dangerous for my image when I just let loose the things I do in my writing. My instinct is to be cautious, but I’ve always loved my blog because I lay all of my cards on the table. It’s always a grand relief when I can find that all of you still accept the loon that I can be. Thank you šŸ™‚

      • “A Loon?” You make me smile! A loon. HA, you should have seen me at your age. I make a loon look like an alter boy! You are a very level headed and bright young woman. You’re far from unstable!

  2. Darling you sound like you need a holiday from your head. Don’t write. Stay away just a little while longer, and then pour your heart and soul into a post when you’re ready. The beauty about this place is that you don’t even have to post it, maybe just date it and keep it for later, or even delete it. I love your writing, always have and likely always will. I miss your ramblings, but only if they bring you peace. If it feels foolish or pointless, then you’re not writing for you and then by all means dear hide the pen and paper!!

    • In an odd way, this post was a sarcastic ‘shame, shame’ on my writing. every now and again, the morning after writing a post, I’ll delete it. I was feeling awful frustrated because of my tendency to do this as of late, so I suppose, in a way, this post was me giving myself a harsh, sarcastic monologue. A form of odd punishment, I suppose.

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