On The Inside Looking Out

Looking out.

Image by Ashley Campbell Photography via Flickr


I know the term is intended as a form of goodbye, of ‘I’ll see you when the sun wakes up’, but no other seems to be fitting at the moment. It is eleven ‘o clock at night, and I don’t care to contemplate something more appropriate.

I wonder quite often who reads my blog. Views are not typically motivation enough for a new post, but even the thought of someone secretly ‘checking in’ on how I am typically is motivation enough for a new post. Over the years, even on my very first blog on my MySpace page some 5 or so years ago, there have been top-secret readers of my blogs. Sometimes someone halfway across the state, country and world. Sometimes it was my mom.

I wonder about my words lingering here, on your screen, on my screen. What you’re thinking of them and what I’ll think when I skim through this post a few months after it’s published. Because this is everything that I sincerely believe and think and feel, it’s a deeper sort of judgement by others because I am not being judged by my type of dress or how well I can sport a faux grin at some social gathering. People who have been reading my blog for a while, have seen me grow up through my own eyes the past few years. I suppose I’ve never paused and thought about it.

This is where I say something semi-related if you care to figure out the logic on your own.

I know something for certain. That if I don’t get into the university that I want, if I don’t get married by 26, if my reputation and the positive perception of yours truly is left in a million shattered pieces (stomped on for good measure into glittering dust, as is the typical practice), if ultimately my dream of being an active part of the criminal justice system by being a forensic psychiatrist doesn’t pan out, I know with reasonable certainty (though it may be just a rumor) that the sun will come up, and then go down, and the world will keep spinning. I don’t know why this often feels like an epiphany.

I can’t help but think of a talk I had with my mother the last time we were in The Cheesecake Factory, sitting comfortably and chatting in a booth by the back wall and waiting for our iced teas and salad.

“You know something?” I said suddenly, looking around at the filled chairs and booths and the bustling waitstaff.


“In this room, there are probably a dozen people having a conversation similar to ours. And extend that to the country, to the world.” My mind flicked to a paragraph from Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality, in which he suggested that, if infinite parallel universes exist, then odds are that millions of doppelgänger are having the exact same conversation, contemplating your existence just as you are thinking of theirs. “There really is a huge world outside of ourselves. How many people have had this conversation, right now, saying the exact same thing I have except perhaps hundreds of years ago, or maybe a moment ago.” I wondered what philosopher started the conversation I was having at that moment (from the bored look in mom’s eyes, the one that I was having with myself, so it seemed.)

Every now and again when I feel my inner teenage drama queen bubbling to the surface with dangerous speed I remind myself of this idea. Of how many people have felt what I have, and how many times. I suppose I just confuse myself until I simply forget what I was upset about. Though (as evidenced by my posts throughout the years) fighting illogical logic with philosophical logic doesn’t always pan out. The philosopher in me finds the illogical stupid, and the illogical takes offense and points out that the philosopher can’t possibly know anything. I am, after all, seventeen. I’ve yet to attain enough life experience to beat my naivette side into submission. And then I give up, because there is no getting past the feat and the joy of youth. I’ve been looking around so much for extraordinary people to hold onto in my everyday life, I sometimes end up meeting ordinary people and finding something extraordinary about them (and on rare occasions, vice versa).

I can feel the edge of change, of newness, of instability. I suppose I want to find a few people who can be their extraordinary and brilliantly abnormal selves consistently enough to be the sanity I can turn to… Oh, grand, that was just of those nail-on-the-head moments (something I’ve been trying to figure out on my own, but then figure out as soon as I write it.) I need predictability right now, not change, not him (long story short – I fell for a guy the second I saw him in December in Lowes, he showed immediate interest as well, and when I started my anatomy and physiology class, I discovered he is one of my classmates. And sure as anything he recognizes me. I’ve been avoiding him because I know what will happen even if I promise myself we’ll only be friends. I need to fix me right now, I’m not okay and I only recently admitted it to myself. I’m never considerate of Heather Madame, even when she has really needed me as of late. How on earth can I treat a human being I know I’ll end up really caring about as well with the correct amount of decency? I would take a bullet for Heather, but that hasn’t stopped me from being incredibly selfish. I need to focus on sticking to my treatment and working through my anxiety. I need my brilliantly abnormal, consistent humans to rally around and not change for a few months…You now see the waste of the phrase ‘long story short’ when it comes to my blog…) When I imagine life as I would want it one day, I would want predictability and repetition, loyal friends and a tight-knit group with similar but diverse thoughts and opinions.

I’m not even certain where my mind is trying to trail off to. It’s nearly midnight now, so I suppose I should get to sleep and look upward and onward and beyond. Who knows, perhaps my doppelgänger somewhere has already figured this out for me. Now, to find her blog…




11 thoughts on “On The Inside Looking Out

  1. Thank you for clicking like on a recent blog and so I found you. I like your style and would like to be one of your normal/abnormal much older friends, on the other side of the world, often having exactly the same conversations as you with my daughter or a younger friend. I am glad I found you. I shall return often to see just what you are up to. 🙂

    • I shall take up your offer – consider yourself part of my blog family 🙂
      I will certainly keep up with you as well! Thank you sincerely for reading my little blog.

  2. It feels like an epiphany because it is. Others spend their entire lives defined by their “plan” and become extremely destructive when things don’t go accordingly. Even those that figure it out fall back into the cycle here and there, hence multiple epiphanies. I applaud you having yours at such a young age.

    Funny you mentioned the dimensions. My friends and I often talk about how every single possibility at ever single point in time is being played out in an infinite amount of dimensions and universes. The question we have yet to figure out is how many of us are even travelling through the same one, if any of us are at all.

    “I need my brilliantly abnormal, consistent humans to rally around and not change for a few months.” It’s good to surround yourself with like-minded people but don’t forget that change is necessary for new experiences that will help “beat your naivity into submission.” If anything, fear routine, whatever the routine might be at the time. “When I imagine life as I would want it one day, I would want predictability and repetition.” Just remember the key phrase there “one day”. Until then, get out and do something random.

    Sorry about trying to impart a buttload of advice. I know I’m starting to sound like a “all-knowing dick”, I’m just intrigued by your questions and challenges, as I’ve had (and still have) many of the same.

    As far as a novel, I wrote a screenplay recently which took a loooong time and isn’t nearly as challenging so I don’t think I’m much cut out for that… but I appreciate the compliment 🙂

    • It has taken some time, but now I’m not such a self-righteous ninny that I would reject such blatant advice. Thank you for your unyielding honesty 🙂

      I suppose since at the moment everyone in my life is scrambling for higher ground, attempting to find some balance on the evershifting teeter-totter of existence we call life, that having solid ground would be a comfort. This does not in the least take away from the fact that you do bring up excellent points, and indeed I will take them to heart. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you sincerely, I’m extremely pleased that you think this highly of my post 🙂
      You have a fantastic blog, Madame! Count it as the latest on my blogroll! 🙂

  3. Very nice post.
    I like the conversation with your mom at the Cheesecake Factory (even if I am one of those rare heathens who hates cheesecake).
    Of course, logically, if there are an _infinite_ number of universes/dimensions/planes of reality/whateveryouwanttocallthems, then there are,by extension, and infinite number of ‘yous’ having the exact same conversation.
    Infinity: Mind-bending fun for the whole family!

    Of course, now that I’m posting this, I can no longer be a ‘top secret’ reader. Not that I ever was. Just a little Secret Agent Wish Fulfillment fantasy at work there. I hear ‘top secret’ and I either think of myself in a tuxedo doing really cool things, or Val Kilmer shooting Nazis while riding a surfboard.
    I’m strange like that.

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