The Return of The Last Classic

Last night I had a job interview.

At Chuck E Cheese.

The good news: I’m 98% confident I got the job!

The bad news: They want me to dance around as Chuck E Cheese himself for birthday parties.

The upside: It’s located directly across the street from my favorite mall in all of the glorious state of Texas!

The downside: During the interview I was hesitantly asked if I would mind going inside something called ‘The Tornado Tunnel’, and she looked relieved when I said I ‘wouldn’t mind at all!’…

Pro: I met one of the other applicants while waiting for the manager and I think we’d easily become friends!

Con: I would have to be in the dag-flabbit costume for 2-hour blocks of time…Did I mention they want me to dance?

I’m going back again tomorrow for a follow-up, here’s hoping it goes well.

Regular readers will notice something a tad odd about my blog today: it is back to its original title: The Last Classic

The blatant truth of the abrupt URL and title change is that I fell hard for a guy and then realized he wasn’t who I thought he was and I ended up (attempting) to entirely cut things off. So I made several sudden changes in my life, trying to make it feel like what happened was a chapter long over and ease some of my guilt. I don’t know why for a moment everything lined up perfectly, for a day or so I deluded myself with the dozen coincidences all at once that seemed to say he was it. But soon after happiness turned into a churning in my stomach when I realized how wrong we were for each other. I kept waiting for my gut feeling of ‘get me out of here!’ to fade and leave me be. But the more we spoke, the more I realized he wasn’t even close to the original image that was presented to me. I know it’s the classic story, but usually I call it from the start when someone isn’t as they seem. The longer I’ve gone without my true blog title, the more I feel I’ve lost Classic. Gripping to the alias still to the point where I could not change my username or blog signature comfortably. And so, here we are, back to The Last Classic, not cemented in the past and regrets and scenarios that by human error could not have been prevented, but moving upward and onward into what waits ahead.

I’ll write ya’ll again soon enough,






9 thoughts on “The Return of The Last Classic

  1. Good luck! I saw you liked my blog and decided to check out yours. It’s nice. It’s a little long for my taste but that’s probably just cause I’m multi-tasking right now and really bouncy. I liked it, keep it up(:

  2. A fake person, who’s nothing like the seem. I can’t stand these people, they have so much potential to hurt you… it’s terrible. I actually was just about to write about one…

    • I think it is a bit ordinary to present ourselves more favorably to people of interest, but it was to an extreme in this case, I think that is what struck me the most about the entire bit. Best of luck on your post if you do indeed type it up, I don’t think I could have elegantly written about my scenario, so no doubt yours will be much better than mine.

  3. Hope you get the job, so if you have to dress up, at least nobody will know it’s you, and so you be as silly as you like, unless they can see your face? (Have heard of Chucky Cheese but don’t know what the mascot looks like)

    Anyway, I understand about the boy, and wanting to erase everything and all that, been there many times, really sucks when someone lets you down, just part of life, but a painful part of life.

    Hope that you’re okay …

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