Help Complete My 20 Before 20!

About a week ago, me and the notorious Heather Madame started working on our 20 Before 20 list. I proposed the idea to her after a thought struck me while reading the brilliant blog of Thoughts Appear and clicking over to her 30 Before 30 list.

If only we had a 30 Before 30; we’re so young, though…

Cue lightbulb over head.

July 6th I shall be 17, and Heather Madame doesn’t turn 18 until December, we have three years to complete a 20 Before 20! Enough time to get a lot done, and a short enough amount of time to place pressure to get everything done! Excellent! Superb! Grand!

Heather was in on it the second I suggested a 20 Before 20, and we were able to work up 17 things to do. But then we have a dilemma, because, see, we came up with all of that last week, and have been entirely unable to find 3 more things to do! We have become desperate, and so need outside help, yours, to be precise. Here’s what we have so far:

1. Go to Corpus Christi

2.Get a tattoo

3.Bungee Jump

4.Meet Ted Dekker

5.Go to Paris (since my mom has visited Europe a few times we’re planning on bringing her along to show us the ropes of getting around the gorgeous place; you can see my mom’s videos of her last trip to Paris here)

6.Learn to ballroom dance

7.Run a marathon

8.Learn French

9.Go white-water rafting

10.Do something on a stage

11.Create and memorize a nomenclator (a combination of a cipher and a code – a cipher is replacing one character for another e.g., replacing ‘a’ for ‘b’ or ‘e’ for ‘f’, and a code is replacing a word or phrase for a character e.g., having the letter ‘b’ represent the phrase ‘better late than never’, or having the number ’42’ represent the word ‘hidden’)

12.Go to the Texas State Fair

13.Go Sailing

14.See The Nutcracker

15.Go hiking

16.Go to the biggest bookstore in Texas (located in Austin)

17.Have a weekend in Downtown Fort Worth



6 thoughts on “Help Complete My 20 Before 20!

  1. These sound like great ambitions. Paris is really easy to navigate, you would be fine getting around if your mom isn’t able to join you. I went to Paris for the first time when I was 16 and I went with just a few friends. We got around perfectly. Considering we were wasted most of the time and none of us had ever used public transportation before, that’s saying a lot.

    • That must’ve been a blast! I suppose I think it would be fun to have my mom with us because she seems to belong there somehow, she’s a people-magnet when she’s somehere she loves and seems to attract miniadventures. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. You’re making your own list! Awesome!

    I have soooo many suggestions because I’ve been working on a 35 Before 35 list. Visit another state? Is there a food you want to taste or try to make? A book you keep meaning to read but haven’t?

    Whitewater rafting is on my next list as well.

    • Your comment has inspired two new bits on the list:
      18. We shall search for a restaraunt we’ve never been to and try a dish we’ve never had before.
      19. Watch The Godfather
      😀 Good luck on completing the tasks on your 30 Before 30!

  3. I love your list! & the whole idea, it’s brilliant 🙂 maybe add sky diving? That’s definitely on my list. Or maybe some kind of contribution to charity or a cause you both believe in?

    & here’s hoping you stay safe! My heart goes out to those on your side of the globe. Xx

    • Because of your suggestion regarding charity me and Heather Madame have decided on the last task on our list! 😀
      20. We’re going to throw a charity masquerade ball!
      We’re thinking of either St. Jude’s Cancer Research or Safe Place’s cause to end domestic violence. Thanks ya’ll for your suggestions!!

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