Dear Benjamin Franklin…Help?

Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin suggested in his autobiography that distance is the best way for affections to remain between friends. When we get close to people, light shines upon every feature that was once dark. And when people get close to us, the horrific truth is laid bare for them to contemplate.

I’m not certain in the least what the point of this post is; I suppose I’ll just do what I normally do and type away before leaving my words for any wandering psychoanalyst.

It’s 12:41AM and I can’t seem to get to sleep; usually I would be out like a light but for whatever reason I feel completely awake. It’s just one of those nights where my mind is so frantically spinning with several thoughts put on rotation like unmatched socks at a laundromat that I can’t seem to calm down.

I know of two causes of my current sleepless predicament; but understanding the malady doesn’t make it simply vanish into the air as a vapor.



5 thoughts on “Dear Benjamin Franklin…Help?

  1. In defense of his quote, Ben Franklin’s love life was not one for the movies. In my experience dark features left unlit create an appetite than cannot be extinguished. It’s harder to find features lost to the dark than to illuminate the unlit at the start.

    • Sir,
      Benjamin Franklin was not in need of being a playboy (he was much too dignified and honorable to have a so-called ‘love life’) he proposed to the woman of his dreams at 17 and married her before his mid-20’s.
      Franklin was referring to letters between his father and himself. He said like family, we need distance from our friends, lest we come to bitter terms with them. Franklin was not a simpleton geek who had been ‘friend-zoned’ more times then he could count, he was a gentleman and a great leader who was sharing an amusing bit of wisdom with those who might read the book holding his final words to the world.

      • Hmmm then I misunderstood his quote completely! I will hold that my opinion still applies though.

        I agree about the friends bit. I lived with my three best friends for a year. We almost tore each other to shreds by the end of it…

  2. I’ve heard horror stories of best friends living in the same house/ sharing an apartment and then coming an inch away from killing each other – you have my sympathy šŸ˜‰

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